Selling With Us

To be accepted by Thrift your clothing must be high quality, clean and fashionable.
If you wouldn’t wear it, our customers probably wouldn’t either.

We want current trends, designer labels, vintage, denim and one-of-a-kind items. Simply bring your freshly laundered and good condition items to our counter anytime we’re open.

Our terms and conditions

1. Thrift sells your clothing and accessories on a 50/50 basis.

2. Please keep in touch with us to see if your clothing has been sold, also regarding collecting your payment and unsold clothing. This is your sole responsibility. Any funds not collected will expire 2 years after the sold date.

3. You will receive your emailed list of clothing that we have accepted. This list will show you the price and description of items chosen to be sold in our shop.

4. Clothing not accepted will only be held for one week. It must be collected by you if you want clothing back. Your uncollected items will be donated (after seven days) to HUHA ( Helping you help animals) or Mary Potter Hospice.

5. Your clothing will be on the shop floor for six weeks. If still unsold near the end of this period all items will be reduced in price. Any items not picked up after six weeks on the shop floor will be given to charity.

6. You can take back your clothing at anytime but to do so you must tell a staff member so we can adjust our stock records accordingly.

7. A one dollar handling fee is deducted each time an item sells. This is for steam cleaning, minor repairs and shoe buffing.

8. Your clothing is accepted as stock on the basis that the owner accepts all risk of loss or damage (including shoplifting) whilst their clothes are in our store.